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About Us

The manufacturing of coconut oil has been existing since many decades ago in Indonesia due to the availability of coconut palm trees grown naturally in this country. Of course, such natural resources are attracting the investors, whether domestic or foreign, to build coconut oil company in Indonesia. Indonesia itself is the biggest producer of coconut throughout the world with plantation area around 3.88 millions of ha with production of 3.2 millions tones for copra in 2005.

The coconut palm can easily grow well in almost all areas in Indonesia because it doesn’t need any special requirement. Many industrial products resulted from coconut manufacturing including coco chemical, coco fiber, coconut oil, desiccated coconut, nata de coco, active charcoal, and many more. Besides, it gives many job opportunities for people whether in the plantation sector or the industry sector.

www.IndonesiaCoconutOil.com is a manufacturer in the field of virgin coconut oil production in Indonesia. We cooperate with many coconut farmers like from Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Java. Along with the increasing of the virgin coconut oil demands from inside and outside in the country, we develop our production by establishing some companies in Indonesia.

Working hard with our team and using tight controlling we are able to produce virgin coconut oil certified by USDA. It is by remembering the rich benefits of virgin coconut oil used for other various generating products.