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Coconut Oil For Lose Weight

The Way Coconut Oil Help You Lose Weight or Belly Fat

 Coconut Oil For Lose Weight 1

Coconut Oil For Lose Weight 1

Coconut oil is known worldwide as a friendly fat for weight loss. The fatty acids which are well blended and combined it give it a strong effect on Metabolism. When you take coconut oil for lose weight you need to know some way what to do. Coconut oil has unique benefits that make it different from all the other fats that are present in the diet. The most dangerous fat which is found within abdominal cavity can be removed by adding coconut oil to the diet. This article has lots of information on ways that coconut oil can help you to lose belly and weight. The presence of fatty acids which boost metabolism and medium chain triglycerides are high in coconut oil. Coconut oil most contains medium chain fatty acids, unlike other foods which have predominantly long-chain fatty acids. The metabolism of the long chain fats is different from the one of the medium chain fatty acids.

When taken in, they straight away go to the liver directly from the digestive track, in the liver they can be converted to energy or changed into ketone bodies. The ketogenic diet for the person with epilepsy, use this fat so that the level of ketone may go up and the same time having the diet enriched with more carbs. The studies on animals also show that the medium chain fats have less storage efficiency compared to other fats. To prove this point, rats were used in a study where they were overfed with a medium chain or long chain fats. The one which was fed on the medium chain fats had 23% less fat in the body and 20% less weight.

How Metabolism is Increased by Coconut Oil?

 Coconut Oil For Lose Weight

Coconut Oil For Lose Weight

Making the Body Burn More Calories at Rest. There are different metabolic pathways that different macronutrients and foods go through. Our metabolic health and hormones are hugely affected by the types of foods that we consume from time to time. The difference in the food goes all the way to digestion, the efficiency of metabolic pathways also differs, whereby you find that some are more efficient compared to the others. The coconut oil for lose weight method is thermogenic which adds to its list if properties. When you eat it the amount of energy being spent tends to go up this is in comparison to calories found in other fats having the same quantity. A study was done whereby 1 to 2 teaspoons (approximately 15-30 grams) of medium chain fats daily made an increase in the energy expenditure of 5%; this is about 120 calories daily. The study was backed by other findings which proved that when human stops eating the fats that they are eating and replace it with MCT fats their bodies end up burning more calories. The point behind the finding is that calories in coconut oil are completely different from calories found in butter or olive oil, that doesn’t mean that the other two fats are not healthy.

Consuming coconut oil for lose weight can lead to reduction in level of appetite; this can make you without try. The calories in and calories out is what leads to weight loss. It might sound simple and unrealistic, but it is the truth. If the energy expenditure in the body is more than the energy intake, then you will lose weight. For you to lose weight you must take in fewer calories; however, you don’t need to count calories intake. Just in the natural environment, all human have the capability of remaining lean. In 1980 the obesity epidemic came out, people had little knowledge about calories and its importance. Coconut oil has the effect of reducing appetite which in turn reduces the calories intake without the knowledge of whoever is taking it.

Several studies done on medium chain fatty acids indicates that they make you feel that you are feel leading to low calories intake, this effect is not noticed in calories from the rest of the fats. This can have a direct link to the metabolic processes of these fats. Researchers argue that ketone bodies which are produced when you take in coconut oil have a strong appetite reduction effect. Without putting lots of weight on the mechanism, it had proved to be working. A study on six men who were given a high amount of MCTs to eat reduced their intake by 256 calories daily. Another group consisting of 14 healthy men took MCTs during breakfast and during lunch time they had a significant drop in the calories intake at lunch hours. When you use coconut oil for lose weigh it will increases the burning of the fat which in turn increases the calories out and again reduces the appetite which can be said to be a reduction in calories in. Coconut Oil Can be the Best Remedy for the Abdominal Fat Perceived to be Dangerous

The fact that coconut oil can increase metabolism hence reducing appetite, it should also be able to help you remove the fat over a period. This point has been mentioned by several studies.

A study was done on 40 women who were given two teaspoons, 30 grams soybeans or coconut oil for 28 days. The instructions were that they should take in fewer calories and walk daily. The results were as follows.

The weight loss for all the groups was roughly 2 pounds.

 Coconut Oil For Lose Weight 2

Coconut Oil For Lose Weight 2

The women who consumed soybeans had a slight increase in the belly fat whereas those that took coconut oil decreased the waist circumference.

The coconut oil group recorded an increase in HDL, whereas the soybean oil group recorded an increase in LDL and reduction in HDL.  In the study coconut oil has no major effect on the overall weight when compared to soybean, it had more impact on the reduction of belly fat.  Another study involving obese men who for four weeks took 30 grams of coconut oil reducing their waist circumference by an average of 1.1 inches. In other studies medium chain fats is considered to contribute to waist loss, improvement of metabolic health, and reduction in waist circumference.

It is not so clear on how the coconut oil leads to loss of weight, but it is evident that it leads to a reduction of abdominal fat. The abdominal fat is also referred to as the belly fat or visceral fat; it is the fat the accumulates around the organs in and is associated with heart diseases, diabetes, and inflammations.

When the abdominal fat is reduced, then it leads to good metabolic health, reduced chances of getting chronic diseases, and longevity. The results cannot be noticed overnight, what people are doing is just considering adding some coconut oil to the diet. When these strategies are used together with other recommended weight loss methods like increasing protein intake and cutting, carbs can lead to significant results.

Virgin coconut oil can form a real weight loss diet, but it needs to be supplemented for you to get the best result again it cannot work within a very short time.

What Can Calories Do?

Remember that coconut oil is fat. Nine calories per gram is the ratio of fat to calories and coconut oil also falls in that category. If your calories consumption is fixed and you do an addition of coconut oil, the result will be that you gain weight instead of losing. Some people eat fixed amount of calories daily without counting. The point should be not be doing an addition of fat calories in the diet, but instead doing a replacement of cooking oils and fats with coconut oil. Don’t go beyond their required limits of using coconut oil so that you get quick results, 30 grams per day is recommended.