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Coconut Oil For Skin

Coconut Oil For Skin – An Overview and How It Can Benefit You and Your Skin

Coconut Oil For Skin

Coconut Oil For Skin

Coconut oil for skin how good is that for you? Most of you already know by now that coconut oil is good to eat. It’s one of the more delicious fruits you can indulge in. Did you know that it can be used as a hair tonic? It’s true. Many men and women use it in their hair to flush the toxins out, keeping their hair smooth and silky.

There’s a third benefit you can add to this list. It’s good for those looking for a good body massage. Natives are some of the first people to figure this out. Natives use the coconut oil for skin all over their bodies. They believe it protects against the sun’s harmful rays. Natives also believe it can protect against other earthly toxins. Once the natives began doing this, so did so many others. In fact, it’s been widely proven to be a better resource for protecting the skin, more so than other creams and lotions out on the market.

Herein lies the next question. Outside of what was just stated, what makes virgin coconut oil so special? Yes, there aren’t any artificial elements or other additives. This much is true. There must be more to it then this. In order to answer this question and more, we must first begin looking at what makes up the coconut oil. In uncovering the makeup of coconut, we can then answer what makes it so beneficial.

The Coconut Oil Makeup: An Overview Of What Makes It So Special

Virgin Coconut Oil For Skin

Virgin Coconut Oil For Skin

1) The first thing to discuss are the saturated fats. These are mainly just medium, chainy, fatty acids. It’s the chain, fatty acids that give it the smoothness. As soon as you run the oil on your face and other parts of your body, there is a smoothness going on. This is all due to the fatty acids.

What gives it the smoothness. It’s simple. The fats keep the moisture from leaving the oil. The water will stay locked inside. This is why your skin continues to stay smooth, even hours after you have put it on. Why do you think some of your other lotions tend to leave behind their impact, even an hour or so afterwards? It’s because the saturated fats are not there to keep the water locked in.

This will even happen after you eat the coconut fruit. The fats deposits will keep the moisture from leaving your body. This is why you skin continues to have that glow, both on the inside and out.

2) The second thing we have to take a look at is the Lauric Acids. Now these are different than the medium, fatty acids, the ones we just talked about. These acids have two main uses. First of all, they can contribute to the first one we mentioned. They can be broken down into the medium, fatty, chain acids. Once they get converted into the first acid, it can lead to even more protection. Speaking of protection. This is what brings us to the second main point. These acids have some sort of micro-bacterial thing happening. This acid, in particular, can help to protect against infection.

There are lots of toxins on the inside of our bodies. These acids will go deep inside and flush it all out. Now, we move to the remaining functions of the Lauric Acids. It’s a good energy booster, especially for those just beginning their workout. Take a look at those drinking coconut water before they exercise. There is a reason why they do this. It’s because the acids are great at working up a sweat, they aid in losing weight, and they help reduce the signs of stretch marks. They are also good for reducing your pores and their sizes. The virgin coconut oil on your body works much the same. Just apply a small amount before your workout, or even after. You’ll be surprised at how good you look and feel.

3) The third thing why coconut oil for skin is good, to mention is the Vitamin E. Coconut oil is famous for it’s Vitamin E. It’s good for taking care of the cracks in your skin. It’s good for restoring the hair in your body. We realize that for many of you this might be a disadvantage, but you can’t please everyone.

Organic coconut oil is also good for preventing pre-mature aging. Pre-mature aging can and will happen at any time. It can even happen in your 30’s. The coconut oil is perfect for those looking to turn back the clock. It will not stop the aging process entirely, nothing every does. It will do wonders with slowing it down though. It’s been proven to reduce the signs of aging better than anything else, even other anti-aging creams. Plus, it’s not going to cost you that much.

4) Which brings us to the final component. It has to do with the aging process. Aging is something we all have to go through. There are lots of creams on the market that will atest to helping with this process. Coconut oil is going to be your best bet. It already has the anti-aging elements inside. In other words, unlike most creams other there, you don’t have to add anything to it.

There are proteins which will help with skin repair. The proteins will also aid in repairing the dead skin cells. Lots of skin cells suffer damage over the years. It’s only when we pay attention to them that they get taken care of. The coconut oil will go in and strip everything away, right from the get-go. These proteins will help keep your skin regulated, both inside and out. Drinking enough of the oil or using it as a skin lotion will repair things in your body you never imagined possible. It will help the natural production of proteins to flow the way they should be.

A Simple Breakdown Coconut Oil For Skin – How And When To Use

Pure Virgin Coconut Oil For Skin

Pure Virgin Coconut Oil For Skin

1) The first use is rather simple. It’s in lip gel. Lip gel is something many of us use. Just apply the gel to your lips. Word of caution, don’t eat it. The chemicals will do some serious damage. It’s going to smell good, but it’s not to eat.

2) It can be used as a skin lotion. Many call it a “skin softener.” It doesn’t matter what you call it, because it’s going to work. Simply take a few drops and rub it on your hands. Take it and rub it on your body. Rub it on any place you feel needs to be nourished with care. It can also be used on your feet. Try it. The coconut oil will take those dry, hardened and cracked feet and breathe new life into them. Try it for a few days. Your feet will wake up feeling brand new.

3) This third benefit has yet to be proven. Many claim it takes care of some skin disorders. Say you have something like psorasis or acne. Well, many claim that rubbing the oil on their skin will take care of it. Take great precaution with this one. It might work, but many studies are still going on. Studies still are not completely conclusive on this one yet. It’s okay to try it, but take it all with a grain of salt.

The only way this third use has been proven is with the protein agents. Take what we told you about the proteins up above and apply it to this. If you wish to wait on this one, until the studies prove to be more conclusive, you can do that too.

How To Use It

Some of this should be pretty self-explanatory, but we decided to throw it in anyway. You can buy it in either a solid or liquid form. Try to buy a larger jar, as much as you can afford. Use only a small amount each time. Your body can only take so much. If you use too much, you will actually doing the opposite of what you were intending. Plus, over time your skin will begin to look really oil and nasty. This happens especially for those who try to use too much, too often.

Start by using a small amount on your body. You can use your hands or a cotton swab. Apply it the surface and let it settle in. Be patient. It’s going to take a few days to start working. Remember that a little bit goes a long way. Just apply the lotion to your face and skin once a day. It’s best to do this after you shower or take a long, hot bath. This is when your skin will be at it’s best. This is not something that needs to be used that often, not like other lotions.

Are you ready?! Get out there and get yourself some coconut oil for skin. Get ready to be transformed.