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Flavoring Coconut Oil

Flavoring Coconut Oil as a Personal Lube


Lubricant is sometimes needed during sexual intercourse or masturbation. It is not a taboo thing to discuss this matter because, indeed, lubricant is important. Naturally, our body is capable to produce its own natural lubricant. However, it has to be produced using sometimes long and tiring process of foreplay. Male masturbation is even trickier because the lubricant must be artificial. There is no way that men’s genital can produce its own natural lubricant. In stores, there are plenty of artificial lubricant which is sold freely. You can choose whatever brand you want. However, sometimes they are too thick because of their gel-like consistency and also smell really weird. That is why people then try to seek the alternative lubricant which is more natural. The answer is coconut oil. Coconut oil is indeed multi function because it can be done for mostly anything. You can use coconut oil for cooking, healing rashes and sunburn, and now you can use it as lubricant. Below, you will find out more about coconut oil as lubricant.

1.    Why Using Coconut Oil?

Flavoring Coconut Oil 1

Flavoring Coconut Oil 1

Coconut oil is a very natural ingredient. It tastes quite neutral and the smell is neutral as well. Even though some people may find that the taste and smell of this kind of oil are really coconut-y, it does not matter because something else, like additional smell or flavor, can easily overpower the taste and smell. Because of that, coconut oil is just like artificial lubricant. It is easy to apply and does not affect much during the intercourse. The smell does not too bothering so that the intercourse still can be intimate. Another reason why coconut oil is used to lubricate the genital during sexual intercourse is because it is natural. It does not cause rash and redness. However, if you have allergy, just be careful. Even though it is rare, there are people out there who are allergic to coconut.

2.    Flavoring Coconut Oil

If you want to lubricate the genital during oral sex, the lubricant is better be edible and taste nice so that it does not cause discomfort. Coconut oil can be the answer of this because coconut oil is totally edible. Beside of that, coconut oil is healthy so that it does not matter if you swallow it incidentally. The taste of coconut oil is considerably neutral. However, some people think the flavor is too coconut-y and sometimes taste like cough syrup. To avoid getting nausea because you cannot handle the flavor of coconut oil, you need to give it flavoring. Food flavoring is usually in the form of essence and it is used a lot in baking and cooking. How to flavor the coconut oil? So easy, if the coconut oil of yours is already in liquid form, all you need to do is add several drops of essence in it. It can be peppermint, strawberry, banana, vanilla, or whatever it is that you like. Usually food flavoring is already containing fragrance as well so that the coconut oil will not only be tasty but also smells really nice. If you have pure coconut oil in thick or paste form, you can flavor it easily as well. All you need to do is just put it into microwaveable container and melt it in the microwave until it forms liquid form. Coconut oil is natural oil that can melt easily in room temperature above 75 degree F or 25 degree C. Once the coconut oil is melted, you can add the flavoring.

This method applies as well when you give fragrance to the coconut oil. Coconut oil is not usable during oral sex but during intercourse as well. If you want to have better smell of coconut oil, drop lavender essential oil or whatever fragrant you like to the coconut oil. Everything will smell nice is seconds. There is one thing, though, to remember when flavoring coconut oil as lubricant. Some flavorings, especially the spicy and tangy ones, can trigger heat. Say for example, cinnamon. Flavoring coconut oil with cinnamon powder or cinnamon oil indeed makes the coconut oil smells and taste like cinnamon. However, cinnamon has thermogenic properties and it can cause heat and burning sensation. Sometimes, people just cannot handle it. So, be wise when choosing the kind of flavoring. Make sure you like the taste and also it does not cause you any harm. That way, sexual intercourse is going to be as enjoyable as always.

3.    Applying Coconut Oil for Intercourse

Flavoring Coconut Oil  3

Flavoring Coconut Oil 3

During sexual intercourse, you need to apply the lubricant before you start. Thankfully, coconut oil is really long lasting so that it can be applied on the beginning and it will stay for a long time. You do not even have to re-apply the coconut oil on your genital every once in a while. Treat the coconut oil like your regular lubricant. Apply just when it is needed and do not overdo it. When the natural lubricant from the body is enough, then just do not apply the coconut oil because you do not need it. Use it only when the natural lubricant is not enough. That way, you can still have coconut oil to help you have enjoyable sexual intercourse of course.

Now that you know virgin coconut oil can be used as lubricant, you do not have to buy artificial lubricant in drugstore again. It is all there and natural in coconut oil. Just be sure that you have flavored the coconut oil unless you do love the natural taste and smell of coconut oil. Bringing the heat into your bed is not a hard thing to do again once you use coconut oil as lubricant. During sexual intercourse, you do not have to feel the rough and unenjoyable sex because with coconut oil, everything will be as smooth as silk. Just remember to stop using coconut oil if it turns out that you have certain allergy of coconut oil. If you feel too much burning or itching during the sexual intercourse with the help of coconut oil, stop the usage and contact your doctor immediately.