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Mistakes When Using Coconut Oil

Mistakes When Using Coconut Oil You Need To Know

Mistakes When Using Coconut Oil

Mistakes When Using Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, as one of the most natural oil out there, has seen an increase in usage these last few years. They are beneficial to your health, be it mental and physical. However, as someone who used coconut oil every day, I have seen LOTS of people making mistakes in using them. This article here will tell you about the three major mistakes that people often make and will tell you on how to act upon that.

Below is the most commonly found 3 mistakes when using coconut oil:

First mistake – Used too much coconut oil

Coconut oil is very healthy for our skin. Coconut oil can make our skin beautiful and will make us feel like a fair prince or princess when we apply them. It also has a health benefit that will certainly prolong our life.  The fact that coconut is healthy has made lots of people consume huge amount of coconut oil. As in the old adage, consuming one thing for too much and too less is not healthy. The same adage applies to coconut oil. Yeah sure consuming coconut oil will increase your immune system, but that does not mean you should consume a huge amount of it in one sitting. If you are a newbie in this kind of thing, the less you consume the better.

Why should newbies consume less coconut oil than those well versed in the arts of how eating coconut oil? In this particular tropical oil, there is a substance that will induce constant bowel movement. If you consume too many coconut oil, you will have a bad case of diarrhea. Imagine what would happen if you need to hit the porcelain when you are doing something important. If your body is already familiar with coconut oil, you can start to increase your coconut oil intake (just do not go overboard with it. The human body can only resist its effect for so much).

The second mistake – Consuming coconut oil ONLY for supplement

Do Not Mistakes When Using Coconut Oil

Do Not Mistakes When Using Coconut Oil

I consume coconut oil three times a day for each passing day. For that very reason, I am healthy as a bull and strong as a gorilla. My immunity system is like a strong wall that will hold back all germs and bacteria. My family members are like that, too.

But if you take it ONLY as a supplement (not a part of your diet. Think on how you take vitamin C everyday), the benefit would not even reach its full potential. Although it would not be like when you have not consumed coconut oil at all, you will still have a higher tendency to get sick. Before I consume this heavenly oil, I am a skeptical soul. I would often ask how much should I take and I was being cautious with it. Alas, I fell into a sickness and I am starting to wonder whether the coconut oil is working or not. My friend told me to increase my daily intake of coconut oil I and so I followed her advice.

Now, I feel like a healthy newborn baby being held by my healthy mother. Consuming coconut oil is way better than having to have a sanitizer for everything I have in the house. The coconut oil formed a shield around me that will protect me from bacterial harm and germinal dangers.

If you are persuaded to make coconut oil into an important part of your diet, I have one easy way to do so. Just replace your ordinary, no-natural cooking oil with coconut oil. It will enhance the taste (not all food though) and you will reap all the benefit of consuming coconut oil.

Mistake 3 – Freaking Out on Breakout

Sometimes after you use coconut oil, an immediate breakout will occur even when your skin is not acne-prone. Acne starts to grow everywhere, especially your face. Some people who used coconut oil and has a breakout will often blame the coconut oil for the cause of their breakout. What those people did not know is even if there is a breakout in their skin, it is for a good cause. The breakout is a sign that your skin is not healthy, and coconut oil is trying hard to make it healthy again. The reaction is actually a good reaction because it is trying to get rid of the toxin that has been hiding underneath your skin. You will get the glowing look when the coconut oil is done with the healing process.

Now after you know what is the cause and the benefits of the breakout, you should not stop using coconut oil. If we have a class in which its students are all food, then coconut oil is that one kid whose grade is never low but has never gotten any exposure because it was busy studying hard to be in the spotlight.

The benefits, the fact, and the scientific

Coconut oil, in its simplicity, is oil derived from coconut, specifically a coconut palm. For its scientific mumbo jumbo, it is called Cocos nucifera. Spanish conquistador first called it coco. Coco itself means the head of a monkey (because you know, the coconut does resemble a monkey head). The term Nucifera has the meaning of nut bearing.

Coconut oil has been a staple food in the tropical world and for good reasons of course. You can use in cooking, medicine, and anything else related to both of those things. In the cooking department, coconut oil is very stable when it comes to heat. Because it is stable, it is less prone to oxidation and can hold for a longer amount of time then other cooking oils. There is at least 92% of saturated fat acid in a coconut oil. Now if you compare it with other kinds of cooking oil, that is very high (especially when the other cooking oils contain MUCH less saturated fat acid compared to this one). In your mind must be a question like this: if the percentage of the bad stuff is very high in coconut oil, why did you and everybody else keep telling me that coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods in the world?

The answer is simple really. There is a long and detailed explanation for the stuff, but I am going to go with the simplest one: it is because the type of fatty acid contained in coconut oil is different than those contained in your ordinary oil. Coconut oil contains a medium chain fatty acid while others contain long chain fatty acid. To put it simply, medium chain fatty acid would not leave a trail of bad cholesterols in their wake and in the stead put good cholesterols in your body. Good is good, so do not ever hesitate.

A coconut has been a very popular food in this time of the year because it provides an ample supply of meat, milk, and oil. On many tropical places, you will see that people already consumed coconut for their daily diet. Almost one third of the world is dependent on coconut or at least has a history with this hard-shelled healthy thing. Coconut has been a cultural thing as well for some people.