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Virgin Coconut Oil

Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil

What are some of the health effects and concerns that your doctor tells you about the type of oil that you use be it for cooking or applying on your body? Does the side effects outweigh the benefits? Or are you just mixed up to decide on which is the best oil? Coconut oil has been in use for decades now, and virgin coconut oil is another coconut product that has gain popularity among the users at a very high rate. Does your knowledge about the virgin coconut but oil match with the information below?

What Makes Virgin Coconut Oil Unique

The extraction process of this oil brings a significant different to its taste, appearance, and composition. It is extracted under very low heat or no heat at all and very minimal exposure to sunlight. It’s derived from fresh coconuts, and the extraction process is different from the one used to obtain the other form of coconut oil. All these factors make it have a high content of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fragrance, and protein. It can stay on the shelf for an extended period compared to other forms of edible oils. This type of oil is as clear as water the virtue that keeps it away from any possibility of being grouped under saturated oils. The taste and smell of this oil are like the one of a fresh coconut which has just been picked from a tree.

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

Here are some advantages of cold pressed virgin coconut oil to your body.

Weight Loss: Virgin coconut oil is a fat but on the other hand help in losing weight. The fact behind this point is that its chain fatty acid is sent to the liver directly to be converted into energy. The body doesn’t get that chance to store the oil because it is directly changed into energy. The other types of fats circulate in the blood stream the process that leads to one gaining weight, that is not the case with coconut oil.

Boosts the Immune System: The high presence of the lauric acid which is a nutrient that improves the immune system of the body in this oil makes it have that ability to boosts the immune system of the body.

Speeds Recovery: In a place like Panama you will find people drinking virgin coconut oil because they believe in its medicinal values and that you recover very fast when you drink it. Lauric acid forms nearly 50 percent of fatty acid which is found in this type of pure coconut oil. Lauric acid is converted to what is called monolaurin when it gets into the body of any animals or human being. Monolaurin is antibacterial, antiviral, and antiprotozoal. According to Dr. Mary Enig, all liquid coated virus can be destroyed by monolaurin.

Takes Care of the Skin: Virgin coconut oil is good for the skin when applied externally, it will form a protective layer that will intern protect the inner parts of the body from any bacterial infection. It again boosts the healing process of wounds and bruises, and it does this by repairing the damaged body tissues.

Diabetes Check: This may sound good to people who like taking a lot of sugar, the caution is that this point should not give you go ahead to take in a lot of sugar. The insulin spike in the bloodstream is not reduced by this oil but instead it does facilitate the control of blood sugar by increasing insulin secretion. The whole process will lead to keeping diabetes in check.

Brain Nourishing: Researchers have found that this oil has the capability of improving cognitive functions and at the same time reverse or stall brain diseases when still in their early stages. This benefit gives virgin coconut oil an advantage over other forms of oils.

Lowers Cholesterol: This oil does two great things to your body, the high level of lauric acid in it helps in reducing total cholesterol and on the other hand increase good cholesterol. This process protects your heart by ensuring that the cholesterol level is lowered.

Methods of Making Virgin Coconut Oil

To successfully make this oil the use of high heat and chemicals is not recommended. There are processes of coconut oil manufacturer in Indonesia that one can use to manufacture Virgin coconut oil. The number one method is the use of wet-milling, in this case, the extraction of oil from the fresh coconut meat is done without necessarily having to dry it. The oil is then separated from water by using any of these methods, fermentation, boiling, enzymes, refrigeration, and mechanical centrifuge.

Another method is where you quick try fresh coconut flesh. In this approach, low heat will be used when drying and then after that mechanical means will be used to press the oil out of the flesh.

How much of virgin coconut oil to consume

Without any doubt, you can see that going by the benefits this oil is more beneficial to our lives. It is good that you again check on how much you take in. Virgin coconut oil is not a medicine that one can subscribe to him or herself. The therapeutically recommended dosage is between three to four spoons a day. That dosage the therapists say that is enough to supply the required lauric acid needed to build your immune system.

Final thought

Virgin coconut oil has a long history of so many years ago in the Pacific, and the product has now been introduced to some other countries that only knew about the normal coconut oil. Virgin oil is healthier and not saturated as one may think. The name is not a substitute for organic coconut oil; some elements give it that name and also the whole processing process. The user is required to follow instructions on the label to get the best out of this oil. The nature of extraction, price, and origin are some factors among many that make this oil unique when compared to the ordinary coconut oil.