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Ways to Use Virgin Coconut Oil

Different Ways to Use Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil as a Food

Coconut Oil as a Food

Virgin coconut oil has proven to be a real panacea for a variety of different health and wellness problems that people are facing. By using the tips for the right way to use virgin coconut oil outlined in this article, you can truly get the most out of it. These are only a few suggestions that you can easily add to your daily routine to reap the benefits from this substance.

Coconut Oil as a Food

In many ways coconut oil is a real super food with significant health benefits. While coconut has a significant amount of saturated fat which is commonly considered to be a real negative diet wise, this is not as negative as many believe. The saturated fat in coconut oil is medium chain triglycerides as opposed to the long chain variety and are metabolized as quick energy and not stored in the same way. Further the medium chain triglycerides help to convert the long chain triglycerides to the medium chain variety. Coconut oil can help you to burn fat faster than other types of fats and also contains the healthy form of cholesterol as opposed to the unhealthy variety. Since coconut oil has such a high saturated fat content it is also long lasting and does not go bad easily.

The antibacterial component of coconut oil can also help your digestive tract and help to promote the presence of helpful bacteria in your stomach as well. It also contains a significant amount of antioxidants and can replace any oil, though it does have a feint coconut flavor.

To use coconut oil in food either eat raw or use it to cook your favorite food items as you normally would. Many also indicate that it’s use can help you to increase your metabolism and lose weight when you consume it.

Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer

Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer

Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer

Coconut oil serves as an excellent moisturizer for your skin and lips and is being increasingly incorporated into many commercial products for the benefits that it provides. Lip balms are incorporating coconut oil due to the way it serves as a barrier for moisture loss to the elements and protects your lips from the sun as a natural sunscreen.

Coconut oil as a natural substance is able to seep into your pores without leaving any negative side effects or irritations for most people. It moisturizers and adds nutrients to the skin thereby protecting it from dryness. It is commonly used for dry skin or eczema and can even be used on infants and newborns without side effects. Coconut oil can even be sued to treat acne and the swelling associated with it, as it is anti inflammatory as well.

To use it as a skin moisturizer or lip balm you can simply rub it over the affected area. Due to its low liquidity point the oil won’t feel greasy or leave a residue on your skin when applied.

As a Organic Hair Treatment

Many people choose to wash their hair with coconut oil due to the numerous benefits it conveys. Coconut oil adds a luxurious feel to your hair and helps to protect it against the loss of proteins. Similar to keeping yourself hydrated with water, coconut oil can keep your hair from becoming brittle. In addition, the antibacterial qualities of coconut oil can serve as protection from dandruff and head lice.

Further, coconut oil does not contain the unnatural substances and strong chemicals that many different commercial shampoos and conditioners do which can damage your hair rather than protect it. Coconut oil has also been used to increase the length and strength of your hair and to help you grow new hair if it falls out.

Coconut oil is a natural sunscreen and can protect your hair from damage from the sun. It can also be used as a hair styling agent as opposed to curling irons and other hair styling chemicals and substances.

To use coconut oil in your hair you can simply work some coconut oil into your hair to apply it and wash it out as you would any commercial conditioner.

Coconut Oil as a Salve Against Bug Bites and Fungal Infections

Organic Makeup Remover

Organic Makeup Remover

Virgin coconut oil has some antibacterial qualities that can help to reduce swelling and even rashes associated with bug bites. This is due to the presence of lauric and capric acids in the oil which can help to clean the area it is applied to. A simple application of coconut oil can quickly reduce the swelling and itchiness of bug bites almost immediately. These acids can also stop fungal infections quickly and efficiently and help to avoid the potential side effects of anti fungal medications.

Use as a Organic Mouth Cleaner

An underappreciated use of coconut oil is as a mouth cleaner. However you can mix some coconut oil with water and gargle with it through a process known as oil pulling. Doing so will benefit your mouth and teeth by helping to clean out bacteria and other teeth damaging substances due to the antibacterial and anti fungal characters of coconut oil.

Use as a Organic Makeup Remover

The idea of applying oil to your face can seem shocking but coconut oil is an incredible makeup remover and will quickly remove foundation and about any other makeup that you apply in no time.

Removing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the bane of any person who has gained weight due to pregnancy of any other cause. Applying coconut oil during the weight loss or after it occurs can help to eliminate or minimize your stretch marks and help the skin to return to its normal appearance.

Coconut oil has proven to be a diverse substance that can be applied in a myriad of ways. Finding the right way to use virgin coconut oil is therefore more limited on your individual needs rather than the limits of coconut oil itself. As people come to understand these benefits and uses the consumption and popularity of coconut oil will likely continue to grow.